Portable tester VLF-60 is used for:

  • VLF (0.1 Hz) withstand testing of cables with polymeric (PE, XLPE, TRXLPE, EPR, etc.) insulation;
  • Hipot testing of various solid dielectrics (generators, transformers, switchgear, etc.) with DC+ and DC- voltage;
  • Cable faults conditioning by initial insulation burning;
  • Vacuum circuit breakers testing;
  • Cable sheath testing and fault pinpointing.


Apart from very low frequency (VLF) and DC withstand testing, VLF-60 system also performs cable fault conditioning by initial burning faulty insulation, tests cable sheath and pinpoints its faults.


The system allows to carry out tests in both automatic and manual control modes.

In the manual mode the operator enters all test parameters, which makes VLF‑60 suitable for testing a wide range of electrical equipment according to various standards and regulations.

In the automatic mode minimal test settings entries are required: the operator only selects a test object type and voltage rating and the system automatically sets all the necessary test parameters according to IEEE 400.2-2013.


At the start of every test, VLF-60 measures the resistance and capacitance of an object under test. Based on the obtained results, the system evaluates its power output capability. If the system is not able to output the voltage of a required magnitude and frequency for a given load, it will automatically reduce the output frequency. Thanks to such output frequency optimisations, the VLF-60 can be used effectively for testing objects with capacitance up to 10 µF.


Non-volatile memory of the system capable of storing up to 10,000 test reports.

It is possible to search and view test reports right from the display of the system.

Test reports may be exported from the system to a USB memory stick in CSV or PDF format without using a PC.


The main user interface component is a touch-sensitive colour TFT display, which is used for navigating menus and entering data. During a test, an output voltage wave is visualised on the display in real time.


VLF-60 system is fitted with carrying handles and weighs only 64 kg, which enables operational comfort both in the lab and in the field conditions.


✓ Dual discharge device (internal automatic protection).

✓ Visual indication of high voltage presence on an object under active test.

✓ Visual indication of residual or stray voltage presence on an object after conclusion of a test.

✓ Sound alarm when high voltage is switched on.

✓ Emergency stop button.

✓ Operator keylock switch.

✓ Protective earthing.

* Pictures used herein are for illustration purposes only. *

Output voltage Adjustment and indication ranges:  
■ Sinewave    0.1 … 62 kVPEAK (44  kVRMS)
■ Bi-polar pulse    0.1 … 62 kVPEAK
■ DC+ + (0.1 … 60) kV
■ DC- minus (0.1 … 60) kV
■ Vacuum bottle test minus (0.1 … 60) kV
■ Sheath test minus (0.1 … 10) kV
■ Sheath fault location + (0.1 … 10) kV
Setting and indication resolution 0.1 kV
Relative indication accuracy ± [2 % + 2 dgt*]
Indication Real time voltage wave visualisation
Output current Indication ranges:  
■  Sinewave    0.1 … 40 mAPEAK (26 mARMS)
■  Bi-polar pulse    0.1 … 40 mAPEAK
■  DC+ + (0.1 … 40) mA
■  DC- minus (0.1 … 40) mA
■  Vacuum bottle test minus (1 … 1000) μA
■  Sheath test minus (0.1 … 40) mA
■  Sheath fault location + (0.1 … 40) mA
Indication resolution 1 μA; 0.1 mA
Relative indication accuracy ± [2 % + 2 dgt*]
Output frequency (sinewave, bi-polar pulse) Output frequency setting range 0.01 … 0.1 Hz, resolution 0.01 Hz
Frequency selection

■ Automatic

■ Manual

Output power up to 1200 W
Breakdown management Burn on arc (keep arc burning) Insulation is burnt in the pace of a fault for the duration set in the range of 1 … 5 minutes
Trip out on arc (current limit trip) If a flashover is detected, the test is stopped

■ Voltage and current (RMS and/or PEAK)

■ Object under test capacitance

■ Object under test resistance

■ Test time

Object under test Load capacitance range ** 0.1 nF … 12 μF
Load resistance range ** 10 kΩ … 20 GΩ
Maximum load

■ 1.0 μF at 0.1 Hz, 44 kVRMS
(3 km for a typical cable with capacitance 330 pF/m)

■ 5.0 μF at 0.02 Hz, 44 kVRMS
(15 km for a typical cable with capacitance 330 pF/m)

■ 10.0 μF at 0.01 Hz, 44 kVRMS
(30 km for a typical cable with capacitance 330 pF/m)

Duty cycle Continuous, unlimited
Controls and interfaces Display 5.7” colour TFT, 640 × 480 px, capacitive multi-touch
Menu languages

■ English

■ Russian

■ Chinese (simpl.)

■ Others (option)

Secondary control interface Rotary encoder with “ENTER” button
Connection interfaces

■ USB-A (user memory stick, FAT32)

■ USB-B (service only)

■ RS-485 (service only)

Internal memory 10,000 test reports
Safety Grounding

■ Protective earthing

■ Automatic internal dual discharge

Protection ■ Thermal circuit breaker
High voltage presence signalling ■ Indication of high voltage presence on the object under test
High voltage switch off


■ Power keylock switch

Ingress protection rating (according to EN 60529) IP 21 (with lid closed)
Power supply and consumption Mains supply voltage 110 … 230 VAC, ±10%
Mains supply frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption up to 1.5 kV•А
Physical Dimensions, H × W × D 528 × 577 × 408 mm
Weight 64 kg

* dgt – least significant digit.

** Values measured on the high AC voltage may significantly differ from the values measured by a standard low-voltage multimeter.

* Products specifications are subject to change without notice. *

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