СВС-50М (СВС-100М)


CBC-M series systems are designed for high-voltage testing of electrical protective equipment and insulated hand tools. Withstand tests are carried out with AC voltage (CBC-50M: UAC ≤ 50 kVRMS; CBC-100M: UAC ≤ 100 kVRMS) at industrial frequency (f = 50 Hz).

Cbc m 50 699x477


СvС 50М universalnost

CBC-M-series systems include a variety of holders and adaptors allowing to test a wide range of the objects:

✓ rubber insulating gloves and dielectric safety boots;

✓ hand tools with electrical insulation;

✓ voltage detectors and indicators;

✓ discharge rods;

✓ insulating mats.

СvС 50М universalnost
Cbc m cu 1200x831


Cbc m cu 1200x831
  • Four pre-set of output voltage levels.
  • Test duration is set and monitored via a built-in timer.
  • Leakage current is displayed throughout the entire test cycle.
  • Upon detecting a breakdown, the system indicates the specific glove the breakdown has occurred in and automatically terminates the test.


Cbc m komponovka 1200x831

The system is composed of a control unit, test bath and a high-voltage unit (two for CBC-100M). The test procedure is controlled from the control unit, which may be positioned at a safe distance away from high-voltage source and the test bath, ensuring operator safety.

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Svs 50c hvu 1200x831


Svs 50c hvu 1200x831

CBC-M-series systems include the following operational safety measures:

✓ Overcurrent protection.

✓ Automatic short-circuiter on the high-voltage unit.

✓ Protective earthing.

✓ Fuses.

✓ Sulphur hexafluoride gas pressure monitoring in the high-voltage unit (units).

✓ Emergency stop button.

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