In conjunction with low frequency generators (such as LFG-50, LFG-200 or LFG-2500) in tracing and fault location sets, the locator PT-14 is used as a receiver of electromagnetic signals when searching the route and determining the burial depth of underground utilities, pinpointing insulation faults in power cables, and identifying a correct cable from a bunch with an inductive method.

The PT-14 locator may also used autonomously (in passive mode) for locating energised communication lines using induced signals of various frequencies.


PT-14 can operate in a passive mode without a generator, detecting signals of the industrial mains frequency at 50 Hz, as well as frequencies of the cathodic protection systems, telephone signals, etc.


Colour instrument display indicates rout and burial depth of the utility line under test, strength and direction of the current in it, and other useful operating parameters.


PT-14 allows to monitor the position of the utility under test relative to the locator as well as indicate the direction of the current flow.


Optional GPS module records geographical coordinates of the traced objects, which may subsequently be exported via «Bluetooth» to a PC for mapping.


PT-14 weighs only 1.7 kg including a built-in rechargabe battery. Small weight and durability make this cable and pipe locator optimal for field operation.

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System parameters Operating frequencies when used with a low frequency generator (active mode) 273 / 491 / 512 / 526 / 982/ 1024 / 2000 / 2048 / 8440 / 8928 / 9828 / 10000 / 32768 (33k) Hz
Operating frequencies when used standalone (passive mode) 25 / 50 / 60 / 100 / 300 / 550 / 1450 Hz
Dynamic range of input signals up to 102 dB
Bandwidth for each operating frequency:  
■ at minus 3 dB level up to 9 Hz
■ at minus 60 dB level up to 24 Hz
Burial depth detection range 0.10 … 10.00 m
Operating frequency current detection range 10 mA … 10.0 А
Burial depth detection accuracy for single extended direct communication line

± (0.05*h + 0.1) m,
where h – determined depth

Operating frequency voltage detection range in the "SENSOR" input 0.01 mV … 1.70 V
Sensitivity of the "SENSOR" input at 6 dB signal-noise ratio 0.05 mV
Input impedance of the "SENSOR" input 1 MΩ
Voltage detection accuracy ± (0.03*U + 3 dgt*) V,
where U – determined voltage
Power supply and consumption Internal rechargeable battery 6 V, 2000 mA•h, Ni-Mh
Battery life ** up to 5 h
Power consumption up to 2 W
Physical Dimensions, H × W × D 700 × 300 × 140 mm
Weight 1.8 kg

* dgt – least significant digit.

** Battery life depends on many factors; actual results may vary. Battery recharge cycle count is limited.

* Products specifications are subject to change without notice. *

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