SWG-12 (SWG-32)


SWG-12 and SWG-32 mobile systems are designed for the following applications:

  • testing cable insulation with DC (rectified) voltage up to 32 kV;
  • conditioning faults by burning faulty cable insulation with current up to 100 mA;
  • pre-locating cable faults with the reflectometer RIF-9 based on the pulse reflection method (TDR), voltage wave oscillation method (DECAY), impulse current envelope (ICE) method and arc reflection method (ARC / ARC multi‑shot);
  • pinpointing cable faults with the acoustic method with up to 2000 J surge wave generator and a suitable signal receiver.
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Under a single compact system SWG embodies all the main components of a fully-featured cable test van: a digital pulse reflectometer, a high-voltage step-up transformer, a powerful surge wave generator and a burn unit.

Rich functionality along with small dimensions and durable design allows using SWG for most cable fault location tasks where a cable test van would traditionally had been utilised. In addition, the system can be used for withstand testing solid insulation with DC (rectified) voltage up to 32 kV (for SWG-12 - 12 kV).

SWG-series systems can therefore be considered as an uncompromising solution for high-quality cables maintenance – these compact and mobile units provide the full range of functionality and feature safety functions commonly available only on fully-featured van-mounted cable test and fault location systems.

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Swg energy 1200x831

For pinpointing cable faults by the acoustic method, SWG comes equipped with a surge wave generator with the surge energy up to 2000 J (for SWG-12 – 1100 J).

High surge energy contributes to a successful fault pinpointing providing a powerful signal in the conditions of high background noise, deep cable burial, or distant fault location.



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SWG systems are supplied with the digital pulse reflectometer RIF-9 used for pre-locating faults with the following methods:

Low-voltage method (stand-alone mode)

  • TDR: low-resistance faults, measuring the total cable length.

High-voltage methods (RIF-9 + high-voltage source)

  • DECAY: faults with high breakdown voltage;
  • ICE: high-resistance faults that cannot be converted to low-resistance by burning faulty insulation;
  • ARC / ARC multi-shot: high-resistance and unstable faults.

Detachable design makes it possible to pre-locate cable faults with the TDR method using the reflectometer separately from the SWG system.

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Swg 1200x831


Swg 1200x831

All SWG systems include a built-in burn unit with continuous output voltage adjustment.

Burn unit is used for fault conditioning by permanently destroying cable insulation in the point of a fault, making it possible to subsequently use fault pre-location methods.



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For accurate cable fault pinpointing, the system is used in the surge wave generation mode.

The generator output voltage is set using a three-range surge voltage levels switch: 0...8 / 0...16 / 0...32 kV (for SWG-12 – 0...3 / 0...6 / 0...12 kV), which ensures maximum surge energy in the entire operating voltage range.


Swg stupeni 1200x831
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Swg 12 32 mobilnost 1200x831

The system is built in the form of a trolley with a detachable reflectometer on top.

All the power supply, earthing and high-voltage cables are conveniently stowed on the holders on the rear panel.

Ergonomic arrangement of controls, informative display of the reflectometer, and large trolley wheels provide convenience in the field conditions.



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Operator safety is assured by both modern and traditional protective means provided by the SWG system.

✓ Grounding control module.

✓ Overvoltage protection.

✓ Overcurrent protection.

✓ High-voltage transformer overheating protection.

✓ Protective grounding.

✓ Emergency stop button.

✓ ON/OFF keylock switch.

Swg 12 bezopasn 01
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