ETL-35 is a van-mounted system designed for testing electrical substation equipment.

Apart from insulation withstand testing with DC voltage up to 60 kV and ability to indicate very small leakage currents, the system can be used for testing various substation objects with small electrical capacitance with AC voltage of up to 100 kV and measuring tangent delta (dielectric dissipation factor) at industrial frequency.


Van-based substation test system ETL-35 allows to carry out withstand testing of insulation with DC (rectified) high voltage up to 60 kV and testing other electrical objects with AC voltage up to 100 kV at industrial frequency (f = 50 Hz).


A microammeter included with the system allows testing surge arresters with DC (rectified) voltage up to 60 kV and measuring the leakage current with up to 0.01 mA significance.


ETL-35 system can be equipped with an optional Tan Delta module for accurate measurement of capacitance and the dielectric dissipation factor at up to 10 kV voltage of industrial frequency.

Tan Delta measurement using cable test vans is most often used to assess the transformer insulators on the electrical substations.

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Connection Number of phases 1
DC testing Output current indication range 0 … 60 kV
Output current indication range

■ 0.01 … 3 mA, resolution 0.01 mA

■ 0 … 30 (65)* mA, resolution 0.1 mA

Indication Digital indication of output voltage and current in real time
Relative voltage and current indication error ± 3 % of full range
AC testing Output voltage adjustment and indication range 0 … 100 kV
Output current indication range 0 … 75 (175) mA
Indication Digital indication of output voltage and current in real time
Relative voltage and current indication error ± 3 % of full range
Dielectric dissipation factor (Tangent Delta) measurement Measured values

■ Electrical capacitance

■ Tan δ

■ Operating voltage

■ Operating frequency

Measurement modes

■ Direct

■ Inverted (optional)

Measurement voltage up to 10 kV
Maximum load capacitance

■ 64 nF @ 5 kV

■ 32 nF @ 10 kV

Measurement error:  
■ Electrical capacitance ± 5*10-2 %
■ Tan δ ± (0.01*tan δ + 1*10-4)
■ Operating voltage ± 1.5 %
■ Operating frequency ± 0.1 Hz
Safety Isolation transformer 8 (18) kV•A

■ Protective earthing of the equipment and van chassis

■ Operating grounding

■ Vehicle chassis potential monitoring

■ Continuous grounding monitoring system

■ Automatic discharge device


■ Overvoltage

■ Overcurrent

■ Overheating

High voltage presence signalling

■ Light signalling (optional)

■ Acoustic signalling (optional)

High voltage switch off


■ Power keylock switch

■ Open rear door monitoring

Power supply and consumption Mains supply voltage 230 VAC, ± 10 %
Mains supply frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption up to 8.0 (19) kV•A

* Parameters in parentheses apply to the systems with TIOG-100/17.5 transformer.


* Products specifications are subject to change without notice. *

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