Mobile UPA-series systems are designed for testing tripping characteristics of the magnetic and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers used in the AC circuits of industrial frequency.

The maximum test current delivered by UPA systems is:

  • UPA-1 — 1 kA
  • UPA-3 — 3 kA
  • UPA-6 — 6 kA
  • UPA-10 — 10 kA
  • UPA-16 — 16 kA
  • UPA-20 — 20 kA
circuit breaker tester


UPA-series systems may be used (with an aid of an external voltage regulator) for testing time-current characteristics of the circuit breakers according to IEC 60898-1:2019 or IEC 60934:2019.


UPA systems can be used for a quick preliminary checking of the tripping functionality, a full time-current characteristics testing, as well as checking the influence of a single-pole load on the tripping of a multi-pole circuit breaker.


UPA systems can operate in a continuous or time-limited current generation cycles. Fast switch off time allows to select the exact test duration as short as 50 ms.


The current source contains a lightweight, compact and highly efficient toroidal transformer.

The system connects to a circuit breaker under the test via flexible current conductors which are passed through the toroidal transformer, forming its secondary winding. The strength of the output current is regulated by the quantity and the number of turns flexible current conductors make abound the transformer. This solution allows to obtain a wide range of output currents using just one current source.


All UPA systems comprise of two main modules - a control unit and a current source, complete with the necessary set of connection cables.

Two-unit design allows an operator to remain at a safe distance away from the high current source and the circuit breaker under test.


All modules of the UPA-series systems are individually portable, but are supplied as standard they on a trolley for easy transportation.

The narrow wheelbase of the trolley makes it ideal for delivering and deploying the system in the often small distribution rooms.

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