Reflectometer RIF-9 can be used to detect, determine the type of and distance to various inhomogeneities (couplings, branching, etc.), determine the total length (including on drums and in bundles) as well as the velocity factor of balanced and unbalanced power cables and communication lines up to 120 km long.

When locating cable faults, the reflectometer RIF-9 can be used standalone for determining the distance to the points of low-resistance cable defects (which formed, for example, naturally or in the process of burning insulation in the damaged area) as well as in conjunction with a high-voltage source or a surge generator for fault pre-location with high-voltage methods of impulse arc reflection, impulse current, and voltage decay.


Low-voltage method

  • TDR (time-domain reflectometry): detecting and determining the distance to various low-resistance faults, breaks, inhomogeneities (couplings, branches, etc.), determining the total length (including on drums and in coils), as well as the velocity factor of balanced and unbalanced power cables and communication lines.

High-voltage methods (when combined with a surge wave generator / thumper in ETL cable test van or SWG mobile cable test and fault location system)

  • ARC/ARC multi-shot (single impulse / multiple impulse arc reflection method): determining the distance to high-resistance and unstable faults.
  • ICE (impulse current envelope method): localisation of high-resistance faults that cannot be converted to low-resistance ones by burning faulty insulation.
  • DECAY (voltage wave oscillation method): detection of faults with high breakdown voltage.


RIF-9 features three measurement channels allowing to display reflectograms from one, two or three cable phases at once in the time-domain reflectometry (TDR) mode.

This feature makes it possible to analyse and compare the different cable phases, which may be especially useful when identifying a particular failed phase or detecting low-resistance faults.


RIF-9 is equipped with ARC multi-shot technology, which allows to send up to 15 probing pulses per single surge generator discharge. This function simplifies prelocation in ARC mode by increasing the chance of obtaining a high-quality reflection off a flashover arc at the place of a fault.


Large 10.4" TFT colour display with touch control makes menu navigation, data entry and general device control easy and intuitive. High brightness and rich colour reproduction provide good visibility both in direct sunlight and in the dark.


RIF-9 automatically analyses the obtained reflectogram and sets the cursor as necessary at the end of the cable or at the fault.

The instrument is also capable to analyse the reflectogram and automatically characterise the fault aiding the operator in the cable line maintenance.


Up to 1000 parameterized reflectograms and up to 500 cable shortening ratio values can be stored in the RIF-9 memory. Saved reflectograms can be uploaded or copied to an external USB drive which can also be used to update the system firmware.


Connection cables can be excluded from the final reflectometry measurements.

The measuring cables length is automatically subtracted from the obtained length of the measurement object, making it possible to see only the curve that matters.


A table with shortening coefficients for various cables may be stored in the RIF-9 memory. To optimize subsequent measurements, an operator can select the required parameters, edit data and upload the list of cables from an external USB drive.


  • The instrument is enclosed in a shock- and splash-proof case with a convenient shoulder strap.
  • The weight of RIF-9 (with built-in battery) is only 8 kg.
  • Device can be powered from the internal rechargeable battery or the mains (via a power adapter).
  • Continuous operation from the battery – up to 6 hours.
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