Signal receiver P-900 is used in cable tracing and fault location sets in conjunction with a surge wave or low frequency generator for pinpointing power cable faults, tracing underground cables, determining their burial depth and identifying a correct cable from a bunch.
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P-900 can operate in acoustic and induction modes.

In the acoustic mode, the receiver allows pinpointing power cables faults with a surge wave method.

In the induction mode, the receiver is used for tracing underground cables, determining their burial depth, identifying a correct cable from a bunch, and pinpointing power cable faults with an induction method.


P 900 universalnost 02


P-900 is equipped with an LCD display with adjustable contrast and backlight, which allows operating the receiver in various lighting conditions.

The display shows the control and signal receiving parameters as well as internal battery charge level.


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P 900 mobilnost 1200x831


The receiver is made in the form of a portable multi-function unit which headphones, and an acoustic or inductive sensors are connected to. Such modular design allows transporting and operating the receiver only with the necessary set of accessories, simplifying its daily use.

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Technical Specifications
Characteristic Value
Active frequencies, Hz, «1024 Hz» mode 1024±2
Active frequencies, Hz, «12048 Hz» mode 2048±2
Sensitivity under the maximum amplification, µV 20
Sensitivity under the minimum amplification, mV 500
Frequency band under -3 dB, «1024 Hz» mode 10
Frequency band under -3 dB, «1024 Hz» mode 12
Frequency band in the acoustic mode, Hz 20...2200
Built-in battery parameters 6 V, 2500 Ah
Continuous duty cycle, h, min 16



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