Generator LFG-50 is used as a signal source in a cable tracing and fault location set for the following applications:

tracing – finding the route and determining the burial depth of underground cables and other hidden utilities;
fault location – pinpointing interphase and phase-to-sheath short circuits faults;
cable identification – identifying a correct cable from a bunch.
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LFG-50 stands out from other portable low frequency generators with its unusually high output power (up to 50 VA). High power output significantly extends the useful signal range and ensures accurate location even under such adverse factors as large burial depth of an object, wet soil, external inductance, etc.

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The generator features four sets of frequencies each containing three different frequencies. Frequencies may be customized on request. The wide frequency selection allows for almost any low frequency signal receiver to be used in conjunction with the generator.


The output impedance of the generator is automatically matched to the load, which ensures maximum signal power in a wide resistance range (0.5 ... 1000 Ω). This function makes LFG-50 suitable for use in adverse location conditions as well as enables effective tracing of very long cables.

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The generator can output complex signals formed by adding a number of different frequencies together.

Signals formed with adding two-frequencies allow a compatible signal receiver to determining a burial depth of an object during tracing.

Three-frequency signals allow to fine tune the receiver right during the tracing process.


Signals generation in pulse mode simplifies location at high levels of background noise.

Pulse mode can also significantly extend the operating time of the generator when powered from a built-in battery.

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The generator is equipped with a monochrome OLED display which provide clear readings even in bright sunlight.

The display conveniently and clearly indicates the operating mode, output power, current and voltage levels, built-in battery charge and other operating parameters.


Along with a direct connection, it is possible to connect the generator to an object using inductive coupling (by means of a signal clamp or a built-in transmission antenna). Inductive coupling is used when either there is no access to the conductive parts of the object or it is energized.

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Portable generator LFG-50 weighs only 8 kg and is enclosed in a compact and shock-resistant case protecting it against mechanical damage, dust and moisture. The generator is equipped with a built-in rechargeable frost-resistant lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery and an integrated control panel LED illumination. The ability to power the generator from the battery, mains or an external 12-volt DC source makes LFG-50 well suited for field operation.

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Technical Specifications
Testing parameters Operating modes

- Continuous

- Pulse

  Sets of operating frequencies (default)

- 491/982/8440 Hz

- 480/1450/9820 Hz

- 526/1024/8928 Hz

- 1024/2048/9820 Hz

  Number of frequencies used synchronically 1 … 3
  Frequency selection Manual
  Modulation type Amplitude
  Output power adjustment range 0 ... 50 VA
  Increment for power adjustment 2.5 VA
  Pulse refresh rate (in the pulse mode) 1.0 Hz
  Pulse duration (in the pulse mode) 0.5 s
Ranges of measured and indicated parameters,
measurement error
Output voltage 0.1 … 240 VRMS
  Current 0.01 … 9.99 ARMS
  Load impedance 0.5 … 999 Ω
  Impedance matching Automatic
  Phase shift angle 0 … 90°
  Relative measurement error of voltage, current and impedance up to 5 %
Controls and indicators Connection interface USB-B (service only)
  Display Monochrome OLED

- Power switch

- Frequency selection

- Mode selection

  Other controls Rotary encoder with push button

- Mains power supply

- External power source supply

  Backlight LED light in the lid
Safety Protective devices and solutions

- Protective earthing

- Overload protection

- Overheating protection

- Galvanic isolation of signal circuit


- Mains supply: 1A, 250 V

- Battery: 10 A, 250 V

- External supply: 10 A, 250 V

  Enclosure protection (as per EN 60529) IP 54 (with lid closed)
Power supply and consumption Supply voltage 230 V ± 10 %, AC, single phase
  Supply frequency 50 / 60 Hz
  Mains supply power consumption up to 100 V·A
  External source voltage 10 … 15 V, DC
  Current consumption from external source up to 8 A
  Internal rechargeable battery 12 V, 10 Ah, LiFePO4
  Battery life over 1 h @ maximum power
  Average battery charging duration 3 h
Physical Dimensions, H×W×D 266×366×270 mm
  Weight 8 kg

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